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EIMAC Partner Membership

EIMAC Business and Industry Partners Program

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018


As the role of IT continues to expand throughout the education community, the Education Information Management Advisory Consortium (EIMAC) is committed to supporting state education agency (SEA) leadership and helping SEAs develop and deliver solutions that leverage data to inform decision making. In order to continue to provide strong support to state education chiefs and their agencies, EIMAC was redesigned to better respond to these issues.  IT is a game changer in education, whether it is applied to administrative systems, research, or advanced analytics. The impact of this work goes beyond a set of compliance reports - it enables innovation, supports teaching and learning, and empowers education leaders from the boardroom to the classroom. In the 2015-2016 program year, EIMAC will continue to explore and support the evolving role of IT systems and the leadership of SEA Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and staff.


The CCSSO Board of Directors asked that EIMAC:

  • promote and facilitate collective state action around integrated information, technology, and assessment systems,
  •  assist states in the implementation of Common Education Data Standards that may lead to the development of more open source applications and the display/delivery of educational information to be used within and across state lines,
  • assist state education agencies in the design, implementation, and sustainability of statewide education information systems to enable collecting, reporting, and using education data,
  • help states use their information systems to assist in transforming our current education system to deliver on the promise to prepare every child for lifelong learning, meaningful work, and citizenship in the 21st century, and
  • provide state representatives with a forum to share and capture best practices, products, and processes in order to build state capacity around information management and data use.


Through the CIO Network and EIMAC action groups on Financial Transparency, Education Technology, Data Privacy, and Infrastructure, EIMAC will continue to support states as they advance their strategic state vision by ensuring technology and information is available and effetely used to enhance decision-making and student learning.


Current 2016-2017 Network & Action Groups

Tent. 2017-2018 Network & Action Groups

• Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network

• Data Privacy and Security

• Infrastructure

• Applications and Data Use

• Resource Allocation

• Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network

• Data Privacy

• Data Standards

• Financial Transparency

• Education Technology


All Partners that join EIMAC should: 

  • Identify participates for the action group(s) your organization plans to join and participate in each group meeting and webinar throughout the program year to ensure consistency and build a community of practice between states and partners. Recommended state participants for each action group are listed in the action group overview section below;
  • Participate in scheduled calls with your self-selected action group(s); and,
  • Participate in two in-person meetings (fall and spring)

CIO Network and Action Groups

In January 2014, EIMAC launched the creation of the CIO Network and several action groups.  These groups will help us to better coordinate, share, and work collaboratively as SEAs implement information systems and technology policy to support state education goals. The CIO Network and workgroups will continue to convene both virtually and in person through the 2017-2018 membership year.


Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network

CCSSO Staff Liaison: Kimberly Gondwe

The EIMAC CIO Network (CIO Network) is a collaboration forum for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across EIMAC member states. The group focuses on CIO best practice including program/project management techniques, quality controls and practice, leadership engagement, and systems management and technology strategies. The CIO Network provides leadership to EIMAC by determining priorities for collaborative state work and setting and reviewing action group topics. This Network also provides a platform for CIOs to present a collective voice in national dialog with key federal and industry partners. Please note: the CIO Network is limited to the State CIO/Team Lead.


Data Privacy Action Group
CCSSO Staff Liaison: Layla Bonnot

This group is intended to support continuous improvement of SEA privacy policies and implementation. Please note: Partners are welcome to join this action group and states are encouraged to engage staff that focus primarily on privacy issues including Chief Privacy Officer, or others in similar roles; states may opt to send more than one representative to this action group.


Data Standards Action Group
CCSSO Staff Liaison: Kimberly Gondwe

This group will focus on the implementation of data standards and support SEA infrastructure. Please note: Partners are welcome to join this action group and states are encouraged to engage staff that focus primarily on data standards and technology issues including Systems Architects, Integrators, or others in similar roles; states may opt to send more than one representative to this action group.


Financial Transparency Action Group
CCSSO Staff Liaison: Ryan MacDonald

This group is aimed at implementation of the ESSA requirement to report per pupil expenditures and will focus on ensuring the use of this information to support equity. Please note: Partners are welcome to join this action group and states are encouraged to engage staff that focus primarily on fiscal issues including Chief Financial Officers, fiscal data leads, or others in similar roles; states may opt to send more than one representative to this action group.


Education Technology Action Group
CCSSO Staff Liaison: Layla Bonnot

This group will focus on instructional technologies, supporting open educational resources (OER), and implementing E-rate modernization.  Please note: Partners are welcome to join this action group and states are encouraged to engage staff that focus primarily on education technology, digital learning, E-rate coordination, or others similar roles; states may opt to send more than one representative to this action group.


EIMAC Program Supports:

EDIS Newsletter 

CCSSO distributes a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter contains information on upcoming events and webinars, new research and relevant news, and promising practices from states and partner organizations.

EIMAC Groupsite

EIMAC state representatives and partners are invited to join the EIMAC Groupsite, a password-protected online community for members and partners to share ideas, documents, and information.  The EIMAC community contains a resource library, discussion groups, and events calendar.  Each EIMAC workgroup has its own workspace on the Groupsite and can use this space to help further their conversations throughout the year.

Collective State Action

EIMAC is positioned to support collective state action by supporting networking, partnerships, and advocacy around state-level needs, contexts, and priorities for reform. This action will help CCSSO influence ESEA reauthorization amoung other things, broker state relationships (with governors, legislators, unions, national organizations, etc.), and facilitate cross-state collaborative work on technology design and deployment. Our partners offer a unique perspective from across multiple states to support these actions.

Knowledge Base and Tools

EIMAC Workgroups and the CIO Network discussions will support the development of a new knowledge base and several tools that meet state needs. This may include model state policy frameworks, guidelines, roadmaps, legislative language, and policy briefs focused on state interests.


EIMAC Partner Participation & Cost Structure

The EIMAC Partner Program is for education organizations that support states in developing and implementing technology and information systems strategies.  Partners benefit from direct participation in the discussions and workgroup meetings with SEA professionals. Partners pay a participation fee to belong to EIMAC which helps support meeting logistics and other work of the Consortium but does not include travel or expenses related to meeting attendance. CCSSO Business Partners are recognized for their contributions to the Council's work with discounted EIMAC Partner fees. 

EIMAC corporate partnership is open to business and industry members and will allow two (2) participants each to attend the EIMAC Fall Summit and the in-person EIMAC Workgroup meeting. Certain portions of EIMAC meetings may be restricted to state members only.  If an organization would like to send additional staff to an EIMAC conference, an additional meeting sponsorship is required. This sponsorship would support a conference meal or event and would include company signage, recognition in the program and verbally at the conference, as well as a seat at the head table for that meal.

For non-profits and smaller organizations with an annual revenue under $1,000,000 we offer a different level of membership and participation.  Please contact Kimberly Gondwe for more information. 


CCSSO Partner Level


EIMAC Partner Cost

Non-CCSSO Partner

Full Price


Level 2



Level 1




In addition to in-person meeting participation, partners will also receive the following benefits with partnership:

  • discount on EIMAC partnership for all FY18 CCSSO Corporate partners;
  • ad space in monthly newsletter;
  • regular communications via a listserv on EIMAC topics;
  • invitations to regular EIMAC webinars on key issues of importance to states;
  • up to to webinar dates during the EIMAC Webinar Series: Deep Dive in 45!
  • EIMAC groupsite membership;
  • participation in action group of their choosing (with the exception of the CIO Network);
    • Please note: Although there is no limit to the number of action groups partners can join, groups are expected to meet concurrently at in-person meetings.


EIMAC Partner Participation & Cost Structure

The goal of each of these convenings is to support SEA staff in developing and implementing technology and information systems strategies. At each meeting participants will:

  • engage in a dialogue around developing and sustaining more comprehensive and interoperable information systems to provide high quality and actionable information for use from the boardroom to the classroom;
  • develop action steps to take in their own state regarding key priorities in transforming state education agencies from compliance only to service-driven; 
  •  gain in-depth understanding of promising practices used by other states;
  • discover relevant national resources and develop next steps to incorporate new ideas  into strategic plans; and,
  • identify shared needs for new tools and resources that can be achieved through cross-state collaboration and support from CCSSO and its partner organizations.


EIMAC Fall Summit - October 2017 | TBA

The Fall Summit will continue with a focus on building the capacity of state agencies to support the development of statewide information systems and the use of education data to improve student achievement.


EIMAC Spring Meeting - May 2018 | TBA

This meeting will convene action groups to focus on supporting implementation of systems and technology that support state ESSA plans, thinking strategically about the use of data and technology in state strategic plans, and advancing collaborative work. CIOs and their teams will explore priority areas across our action groups and engage in robust conversation to develop plans in support of collaborative work.


Virtual Convening

Workgroups will meet virtually throughout the year to share information, make progress on action items, and learn about breaking news or new resources.