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College- and Career-Ready Standards

College- and Career-Ready Standards: Development, Adoption, and Implementation

Setting clear expectations for what student excellence actually looks like is critical for a student to be successful—before and after high school graduation. While this may seem intuitive, every year, far too many of our nation’s college students end up in remedial courses because they were under-prepared in high school. Across the country, states have chosen to upgrade their standards by adopting and implementing either the Common Core State Standards or other college- and career-ready standards. As a result, students are gaining a deeper understanding of subject matter, are learning to think critically, and are applying their learning to real-world problems. CCSSO assists states in implementing new standards through proactive engagement and outreach, and by connecting chiefs with the tools they need to help schools and teachers bring the standards to life for their students.


CCSS Forward Implementing College and Career Standards Common Core State Standards
Interested in learning about how states are collaborating to develop tools and resources? Learn more about CCSS Forward What is the ICCS collaborative? Learn how this collaborative is bringing together states to meet the challenges of implementing standards. What are the standards? Learn how they were developed, and what they are hoping to accomplish.