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CCSSO Data Privacy & Security Policy Statement

Publication dateNovember 2013
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CCSSO Data Privacy & Security Policy Statement

In order for each child to graduate ready for college and career, it is imperative that we, as state education agencies, utilize sound data and information rather than relying on anecdotes or hunches about what students need.  While such data are necessary, so is our steadfast commitment in protecting student privacy and maintaining data security.

Each of our states is committed to the goal of protecting student privacy while using data to improve instruction and student achievement. Each of our states maintains complete autonomy over the data we collect, report, and use. We do not report or share any personally identified data with any national or federal agency without the consent of the individual or guardian.

As leaders of K-12 education systems and public officials we reaffirm our commitment to student privacy and data protection and ensure our individual state policies are able to do this by:

  • Executing Sound Governance - We clearly assign responsibilities for the oversight, monitoring, and implementation of policies and processes that ensure data are only used or disclosed for proper purposes at every level of the system. We provide every assurance that governance decisions are consistent with both our individual state policies and federal policy including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Safeguarding Data Protection - We ensure that we have comprehensive and effective privacy and security policies and procedures that address the encryption, storage, and transmission of personally identifiable data; disclosure procedures; personnel management and training; non-disclosure statements; and data destruction practices and monitoring.
  • Providing Transparency - We are obligated and find it imperative to proactively disseminate data use and privacy policies in clear and transparent ways. We ensure the public has access to privacy policies and information about the use of personally identifiable data and can provide feedback regarding those policies.

CCSSO will support states as they seek to fulfill this commitment to appropriately balance data use with student privacy. We will continue to help identify best practices at the state and local levels, provide technical assistance to state agency staff, and work to increase awareness of the importance of data use in education.


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