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News Brief

CCSSO Responds to Notice of Proposed Priorities

CCSSO submitted a formal response to the U.S. Department of Education (ED)’s Notice of Proposed Priorities (NPP) for future discretionary grant programs, expressing support for ED’s decision to outline a comprehensive reform agenda designed to better allocate limited federal resources. By defining Department-wide priorities, ED has provided states with additional certainty about the Administration’s long-term vision which will hopefully help bring about more coherence to disparate federal competitive grant programs. At the same time, CCSSO made it clear that strategically targeted competitive grant programs must be complemented by increases to key formula programs to states and school districts.

CCSSO also requested that ED clarify that despite the use of this NPP, further opportunities for public comment would be available on a program-by-program basis. Moreover, as the closure of Race to the Top brought to light continuing issues around peer review, CCSSO urged ED to implement new safeguards before any competitive programs are once again subject to peer review.

CCSSO expressed support for the proposed priorities around improving early learning outcomes, improving the effectiveness/distribution of highly effective teachers and principals, turning around persistently low-achieving schools, increasing postsecondary success, improving the achievement of rural and high-needs students, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education, enabling more data-based decision making, improving productivity and of course implementing college and career ready standards.

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