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News Brief

CCSSO Releases Core Teaching Standards for Public Comment

CCSSO has released for public comment new draft core teaching standards for public comment. The release of the standards signals the beginning of the public comment period which will run until October 15, 2010, during which time CCSSO seeks broad input from the education community and the public at large.

The Model Core Teaching Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue (Draft for Public Comment) was developed by a committee of the Interstate Teacher and Assessment Support Consortium (InTASC) convened by CCSSO and included practicing teachers, teacher educators, and state education agency staff. These standards comprise a set of principles of effective teaching, revised from the 1992 model standards, and demonstrate a new vision for teaching. The 2010 model core teaching standards are intended to help policymakers and educators achieve their education reform goals. In updating the model core teaching standards, efforts were made to ensure they align with other national and state standards documents that were recently revised or released.

Consistency among all these professional standards ensures a coherent continuum of expectations for teachers from beginning through accomplished practice, as well as the conditions necessary to support professional growth along this continuum. It also increases the probability of building aligned systems of teacher development and support that begin with recruitment and preparation and run through induction, ongoing professional development, accomplished teaching, and other leadership roles.

The draft standards will be circulated from now until October 15, 2010 to gather comments and feedback which will be used to refine and finalize the standards. Individual and focus group feedback is planned. To download review the document and submit comments, please go to To view a video webcast of the release, please click here. If your organization is interested in hosting a focus group to provide input on the standards, please contact Kathleen Paliokas, Director, InTASC at CCSSO by email at