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News Brief

CCSSO-CII Partnership Initiative to Survey SIG Implementation

Contact:Kimberly  Rhodeskimberlyr@ccsso.org202-312-6865

By Nina de las Alas

CCSSO will be sending a short online survey to state-level school improvement directors. The survey is designed to collect information about local education agencies (LEAs) and schools that will be implementing at least one of the four intervention models required by the School Improvement Grants (SIG) program. Each state SIG director will be asked to make sure that LEAs with approved grants provide information about target schools and models selected. The Council will summarize the survey data and analyses by state to support leadership of the SIG program.

The survey is a collaboration between CCSSO and the Center for Innovation and Improvement (CII) through the partnership initiative, the National Network of State School Improvement Leaders (NNSSIL). The mission of the NNSSIL is to provide collegial support among state leaders of school improvement to build, utilize, and disseminate a robust body of knowledge of professional practices leading to systemic educational change. NNSSIL has hosted several webinars—both live and recorded—on SIG, as well as on topics relevant to school reform, most recently on monitoring LEA implementation of school improvement initiatives. NNSSIL also provides information updates, tools, resources and web-based forums for its members.

For more information about NNSSIL or the NISSIL webinars and school improvement-related resources, please contact Nina de las Alas at or visit the NNSSIL website here.