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News Brief


2011 National Conference on Student Assessment Call for Proposals Now Open

The 2011 National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA) will be held in Orlando, Florida, June 19-22, 2011. This year's conference theme is Next Generation Learners: Who Are They and What Are Their Needs?

The goal of NCSA 2011 is to collaborate around how to harness assessment to create a personalized system of education that engages and motivates each student-regardless of his or her circumstance-to be prepared for life, meaningful work, and citizenship. If students are to succeed in a world that is increasingly diverse, globalized, and technology-rich, they require learning experiences and environments that are radically different from those the current system was designed to deliver. How can we move toward a learning system that prepares students to meet the expectations of the changed world as they transition to college and career? And how can we ensure that we know what learners have mastered and are able to do?

A call for proposals for NCSA 2011 is live and waiting for your submission. Please click here or visit to submit a proposal. For additional information, please visit the conference website at