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News Brief

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Department of Education Announces New Grant for Innovative Practices

The U.S. Department of Education announces a new evidence-based grant program to support innovative practices that serve high need students in K-12 education, and to support the expansion of those practices supported by evidence of effectiveness.  The Education Innovation and Research Program (EIR) replaces Investing in Innovation (i3) but retains its tiered structure: there are three types of grants, each of which offers up to 5 years of funding:





Develop and test new education practices

Further develops education practices and regionally or nationally scales those practices

Scales nationally those practices demonstrated to be effective

Applicants must include a logic model

Applicants must meet "Moderate Evidence" standard

Applicants must meet "Strong Evidence" standard

24-38 awards, up to $4 million each

15-20 awards, up to $8 million each

3-5 awards, up $15 million each


Applications are due April 13, 2017 and may be submitted by LEA's, State Educational Agencies, the Bureau of Indian Education, and nonprofit organizations. Twenty five percent of the available funds will be used to support rural grantees.  

For specific eligibility and program requirements and a complete description of program priorities, please visit the EIR competition page and read the notices inviting applications.  For general program information, please go here.