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News Brief

Monday, November 30, 2015

CCSSO Launches Open Educational Resources Portal

CCSSO, in collaboration with iNACOL, has launched a new portal that provides background and understanding of OER implementation at state and district levels, as well as a more detailed look at how OER can impact classroom practices. Participants selected for case study interviews are featured on this portal and are grouped by state, district or school. Selected participants were featured during a panel discussion at the recent 2015 iNACOL Symposium. There is a also a "resources for policymakers" page that highlights federal and state legislation as well as resources from the 10 case studies.

The portal builds on work CCSSO began in 2014. CCSSO conducted a survey of states in May 2014, and produced a report titled "State of the States: Open Educational Resources in K-12 Education" highlighting examples of ongoing OER work. The report is updated on the portal.

Please visit the portal to see more.