Current News

07/07/14: CoSN and New Media Consortium Release 2014 Report on Trends and Emerging Technologies in Education

This year's NMC Horizon Report highlights short, mid and long-term trends related to technology's impact on K-12 education.

07/07/14: Funds for Learning Report Finds Increase in Demand for E-rate Funds

E-rate consulting company releases report detailing state funding requests for FY14.

07/07/14: DQC Releases New Resource: A Stoplight for Student Data Use

DQC created a graphic that summarizes FERPA regulations of student privacy.

06/11/14: Updated Standards for Educational Leaders To Be Completed in October

Updated model standards for educational leaders, which have not been revised during a period of accelerated changes in the roles that principals and superintendents play in districts, are coming this fall.

06/12/14: DOE Announces Big Changes to Teacher Evaluation System

The Hawaii Department of Education will make 18 major changes to its new teacher evaluation system to reduce the burden on educators and improve teaching quality by focusing on the instructors most in need of a boost.

06/11/14: State Education Board Recognizes Best Suburban Teachers

The Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, and the Illinois Education Association have recognized 29 teachers across the state for exemplary work in the classroom during the 2013-14 school year.

06/08/14: NJ Interdistrict Choice Program Shows Huge Growth But Limited Reach

New Jersey's Interdistrict Choice program began four years ago to allow parents to send their children to another school district at no cost.

06/11/14: State's Colleges of Education to Be Evaluated Next Year

The New Mexico Public Education Department and the Department of Higher Education, along with individual higher education institutions, will produce report cards for the state's six colleges of education in order to graduate better teachers.

06/11/14: Common Core a Keeper for NY Ed Chief John King

New York Education Commissioner John King has stated that the implementation of the Common Core learning standards will continue to move forward.

06/10/14: Oregon Teacher Quality: New System Will Identify Stars, Stinkers, and Thousands in Between

When Oregon switches next year to a new teacher evaluation system based partly on student test scores, about 10 percent to 15 percent of teachers could be identified as superstars that exceed the standards, says State Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Rob Saxton.