Current News

08/04/14: USED's Experimental Sites Initiatives Provides Federal Student Aid Flexibility for Competency-Based Programs

USED has announced four experiments for 2014-15, including one around student aid flexibility for competency-based programs.

08/04/14: Data Quality Campaign Releases SEA Guidance on Safeguarding Student Data

The DQC created a new tool for state education agencies to use to ensure they are safeguarding student data.

08/04/14: USED launches Family Ed Policy Site and Issues Transparency Guidance

USED launched a family education policy companion site, and PTAC issued transparency guidance for schools and districts.

08/04/14: FCC Issues E-rate Modernization Order

The FCC issued an order on July 11th that adopted three goals toward E-rate modernization.

07/07/14: Bipartisan Call for Balance between Data Privacy and Innovation

Congressmen from both parties on the House Education and the Workforce Committee call for stakeholders to work together to promote safe and effective use of student data.

07/07/14: CoSN and New Media Consortium Release 2014 Report on Trends and Emerging Technologies in Education

This year's NMC Horizon Report highlights short, mid and long-term trends related to technology's impact on K-12 education.

07/07/14: Funds for Learning Report Finds Increase in Demand for E-rate Funds

E-rate consulting company releases report detailing state funding requests for FY14.

07/07/14: DQC Releases New Resource: A Stoplight for Student Data Use

DQC created a graphic that summarizes FERPA regulations of student privacy.

06/11/14: Updated Standards for Educational Leaders To Be Completed in October

Updated model standards for educational leaders, which have not been revised during a period of accelerated changes in the roles that principals and superintendents play in districts, are coming this fall.

06/12/14: DOE Announces Big Changes to Teacher Evaluation System

The Hawaii Department of Education will make 18 major changes to its new teacher evaluation system to reduce the burden on educators and improve teaching quality by focusing on the instructors most in need of a boost.