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11/05/13: Montana Gets Waiver for Student Testing, Will Conduct Only New Assessments

The U.S. Department of Education approved Montana's special waiver request, allowing the public school system to conduct only new assessment tests this school year.

11/03/13: R.I. Wins High Marks for Use of Teacher Evaluations

Rhode Island is one of eight states highlighted in a recent report by the National Council on Teacher Quality for making huge strides in the use of new teacher evaluations to help existing teachers become more effective and better prepare new teachers.

11/08/13: U.S. Students Make Slight Progress on Test Scores

The 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results for fourth- and eighth-graders across the United States, and they demonstrated modest advances in national math and reading exams. Fourth-graders scored 242 out of 500 in math, up one point from 2011, and scored 222 points in reading to tie the previous score.

11/05/13: Report: Use No Child Waivers to Innovate

According to a new paper in the journal Educational Researcher, states should move away from A-F grading of schools to create more innovative measures of school accountability that take into account student demographics under their No Child Left Behind waivers.

11/12/13: Learn to Code with Mark Zuckerberg & Angry Birds

Computer Science Education Week has announced its Hour of Code, the week of Dec. 9-15.

11/01/13: Putting It All Together: Supporting K-12 STEM Education in Illinois

According to the Chicago STEM Education Consortium's "Putting It All Together: Supporting K-12 STEM Education In Illinois" paper, a concentrated effort in Illinois to improve PK-12 STEM teaching, learning, and leading is necessary to ensure students have the skills they need to meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics, the Next Generation Science Standards, and beyond.

10/27/13: Better News in New Study That Assesses U.S. Students

The latest study from the National Center for Education Statistics has found that students in 36 U.S. states outperformed international averages on math tests given through the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study.

10/30/13: Report: States Need to Connect Teacher Evaluations to Other Quality Measures

A report from the National Council on Teacher Quality reveals that states are making great strides in updating their teacher evaluation systems to incorporate rates of student achievement. However, very few are using the data to inform decisions about teacher preparation programs.

11/25/13: Education Commissioner Outlines Efforts to Streamline Testing

New York Education Commissioner John King Jr. has outlined a proposal to streamline testing for the state's eighth-grade students.

11/01/13: State Superintendent Commits to 150 Schools

As part of the "Nevada Reads: Celebrating Literacy in 150 Schools" tour, Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga told first-graders at Mark Twain Elementary School that they need to understand the importance of reading. Erquiaga and Gov. Brian Sandoval, joined by members of the governor's cabinet, will visit 150 Nevada schools this year and read to students in celebration of the state's sesquicentennial.