Current News

01/28/14: State Releases School Report Cards

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released its 2012-13 Report Cards, the first report using its new READY accountability model that does not include school designations, such as "School of Excellence."

02/24/14: Illinois State Board Votes in Favor of Common Science Standards

Illinois will soon follow the lead of eight other states and the District of Columbia, with the State Board of Education unanimously voting to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.

02/03/14: New Virginia Policy Brief Makes the Case for Investing in Education

A new policy brief and animated video released by the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows how the links between education and health matter more now than they have in the past.

02/03/14: NCES Releases CEDS Version 4

NCES shared updates to CEDS in this latest version.

01/22/14: California Schools Compete for $250 Million in Job Training Grants

The California Department of Education hopes to fill the growing demand for trained workers by offering $250 million in grants for job training programs at high schools and community colleges.

01/22/14: State Says Schools Will Now Follow 'Florida Standards'

Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart says the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will be rebranded into the Florida Standards, and the State Board of Education will consider about 100 changes for the standards in February.

01/17/14: Kansas Education Officials Seeking Extension of No Child Left Behind Waiver

The Kansas Department of Education will seek an extension of its No Child Left Behind waiver from the U.S. Department of Education.

01/22/14: State Looks to Jump Start Students' Careers

At a recent public forum, Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White said school districts could begin implementing the Jump Start initiative next year

01/21/14: State Superintendent Carey Wright Wants More Money for Preschool and Teacher Training

Speaking before the Mississippi House Appropriations Committee, State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright said more money is needed for state-funded preschool and to improve literacy instruction in early grades.

01/21/14: New Donors Invest in Graduation Matters Challenge Fund

AT&T and the Steele Reese Foundation have donated $20,000 each to the Montana Graduation Matters Challenge Fund to support new and existing initiatives. A portion of the AT&T donation will be focused on raising American Indian graduation rates.