Current News

06/04/14: Texas HS Students Show Improvement in STAAR End-of-Course Results

Preliminary statewide results from the Texas Education Agency reveal strong passing rates for high school students taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) end-of-course exams in Biology, Algebra I, and U.S. History.

06/04/14: Georgia Drops CRCT, EOCT Tests for a New Student Progress Assessment System

The Georgia Department of Education has announced that it will implement the new Georgia Milestones Assessment System in the 2014-15 academic year.

06/04/14: Feds OK 1-Year Grace Period on Mississippi School Rating System

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) granted a one-year waiver on Mississippi's school and district rating system for the 2013-14 school year as the state moves to Common Core State Standards.

06/04/14: Common Core Standards Well-Known, Widely Supported in Washington, Poll Finds

A telephone survey of 900 adult residents of Washington state by the Partnership for Learning reveals that 44 percent are familiar with the Common Core State Standards, and of those respondents, 69 percent support them.

06/10/14: FTC Voices Concern for Potential Sale of Student Data by ConnectEdu

The Federal Trade Commission sent a letter of concern to the court handling the bankruptcy case of education technology company, ConnectEdu.

06/10/14: USED Releases Overview of Data Inventory Beta Site

The Department of Education released an overview explaining its Data Inventory site that includes data collected as part of grant activities, along with statistical data collected about the state of U.S. education.

06/10/14: FTC Releases, "Data Brokers: A Call for Transparency and Accountability" Report

The FTC published the results of its study of nine data brokers and found that there is a lack of transparency and accountability as well as a need for Congressional legislation.

06/09/14: Public Sector Increased Interest in Chief Privacy Officer Role

Chief Privacy Officers (CPOs) already exist in the private sector and Federal government and now are appearing at the state level as well.

06/10/14: CCSSO Leading Refresh of Model Standards for Education Leaders

CCSSO and the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA) are leading an effort to refresh model standards for education leaders so leaders are better able to improve student achievement and meet new, higher expectations.

05/14/14: SETDA Releases Technology Requirements Guide for Online Assessments

SETDA launches resource for districts to plan for technology needs related to online assessments.