Current News

10/07/14: COSN Releases New Toolkit for Superintendents

COSN release version 3.0 of its Empowered Superintendents Toolkit with a focus on digital technology leadership.

10/06/14: CA Signs Into Law the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA)

On September 29th, Governor Brown of California signed the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA), preventing industry from using student data for anything other than educational purposes.

08/28/14: California to Pass Student Online Personal Information Protection Act

California's 'Student Online Personal Information Protection Act' will become law pending Governor Brown's signature.

08/28/14: NYC's iZone Enlists Teachers to Evaluate Ed Tech Tools in the Classroom

Six ed tech companies will have their products tested and evaluated in NYC's iZone classrooms.

08/28/14: Statewide Blending Learning Initiative Takes Shape in Rhode Island

Rhode Island's Department of Education is partnering with the Learning Accelerator to pursue statewide blended learning offerings in schools.

08/04/14: Zero Client Tech Comes to Schools in Rural Malaysia

The Malaysian government is funding zero client technology in rural schools.

08/04/14: USED's Experimental Sites Initiatives Provides Federal Student Aid Flexibility for Competency-Based Programs

USED has announced four experiments for 2014-15, including one around student aid flexibility for competency-based programs.

08/04/14: Data Quality Campaign Releases SEA Guidance on Safeguarding Student Data

The DQC created a new tool for state education agencies to use to ensure they are safeguarding student data.

08/04/14: USED launches Family Ed Policy Site and Issues Transparency Guidance

USED launched a family education policy companion site, and PTAC issued transparency guidance for schools and districts.

08/04/14: FCC Issues E-rate Modernization Order

The FCC issued an order on July 11th that adopted three goals toward E-rate modernization.