Current News

06/01/15: States Submit Teacher Equity Plans This Week

All states are submitting their teacher equity plans to the U.S. Department of Education this week.

05/04/15: New Effort to Create Free Open Educational Resources

TLA has announced $2 million in funding to help create free, high-quality, standards-aligned open educational resources (OER) supporting K-12 math and English language arts.

05/04/15: Future of Privacy Forum Releases Parent Guide to Student Data Privacy

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) published A Parent's Guide to Student Data Privacy on its FERPA SHERPA resource site to help parents understand their rights and navigate current federal legislation including COPPA and FERPA.

04/14/15: FCC to host Workshop on E-rate Funded Fiber Build Projects

The FCC will host a workshop on E-rate Funded Fiber Build Projects on May 20th in Washington, D.C.

04/14/15: Discussion Draft of FERPA Amendment Available for Review

Congressmen release discussion draft of FERPA amendment for initial comments.

03/02/15: PTAC Releases Model Terms of Service and a ‘Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services’ Video

PTAC released student privacy resources including a model terms of service and a video around the use of online educational services.

03/02/15: FCC Adopts Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC adopted net neutrality rules last week to keep U.S. broadband networks 'fast, fair, and open'.

03/02/15: Achieve Releases State Policy Recommendations on OER

Achieve is hosting a webinar as part of Open Education Week to review its recently published set of state recommendations focused on providing educators with access to standards-aligned OER.

02/02/15: ERS Report Encourages SEAs to Use Existing Data to Support LEA Resource Decisions

ERS looks at how existing state data can improve decision-making processes that largely determine how people, time and money are used in LEAs.

02/02/15: NCES Releases CEDS Version 5

NCES shared updates to CEDS in this latest version.