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10/17/13: Study Finds Gains From Teacher Evaluations

A recent study of the Impact teacher evaluation program in the District of Columbia reveals that teacher evaluation programs can be important in improving education.

10/17/13: School Hosts Hands-On Science

Students in pre-K through fifth grade were encouraged to sign up and take part in labs featuring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) exercises at Liberty Elementary in Oklahoma on STEM Day.

10/17/13: New Miss. State Superintendent Carey Wright Backs Common Core Standards and Prekindergarten

Incoming Mississippi Superintendent of Education Carey Wright, who will begin work on Nov. 11, recently endorsed the Common Core State Standards and pre-K education at a recent news conference.

10/13/13: IDOE Develops Outreach Division, Offers Help to Struggling Schools

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz has created the Outreach Division of School Improvement to help struggling school districts improve, rather than take them over.

10/11/13: State Seeks 40 Teachers for Delaware Dream Team

Delaware seeks 40 top teachers from across the state to join the Delaware Dream Team to help develop high-quality Common Core formative assessment items that will be shared with educators statewide.

10/16/13: New 'Common Core' Standards Rolling Out in Colorado Schools

During a three-day training session on the Common Core State Standards at Fort Lewis College in Colorado, about 600 educators met to discuss the standards and how to teach them to students in the fall academic year.

10/16/13: Ariz. Law on Third-Grade Reading Mandate Goes Live

Arizona's "Move On When Reading" law is now in effect, requiring that third graders be held back for a year of instruction and remediation if they score below the third-grade reading standard.

10/17/13: NCES First Look Report on Common Core of Data '11-'12

Selected statistics from the 2011-12 school year are presented in this latest NCES Report.

10/30/13: Safeguard Student Data

Common Sense Media Group writes letter to ed-tech companies asking for protection of student data.

10/30/13: Panorama Education Receives Seed Funding

An education startup called Panorama Education received four million dollars in seed funding. This will allow them to expand on their existing work with schools in providing surveys and data analysis for teachers and adminsitrators.