Current News

01/02/14: GAO Report Examines U.S. Consumer Privacy Framework

GAO released its report on data privacy, "Information Resellers: Consumer Privacy Framework Needs to Reflect Changes in Technology and the Marketplace."

01/01/14: Navigating the New High School Equivalency Tests

The GED test is now only computer-based, but two new test options have entered the market.

12/23/13: Clever Cloud-Based Computing

A tech startup called Clever provides free software to help school and teachers track and enroll students.

12/10/13: Report: Raising Dropout Age Reduced Dropout Rate

West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Phares told lawmakers during an interim legislative meeting that fewer 16-year-old students dropped out of high school in the 2011-12 school year, after the compulsory attendance age was raised to age 17.

12/09/13: State Makes Improvements to Teacher Evaluation System After 2nd Year of Implementation

A new report from the Tennessee Department of Education shows that the second year of implementing the state's teacher evaluation system showed improvement from the previous year.

12/08/13: R.I. Student Project: Design a School That Meets Your Needs

The Business Innovation Factory will work with roughly two dozen middle and high school students in Rhode Island to understand how students would design their own schools. The project will include Youth in Action and the State Education Department.

12/11/13: More Minnesota Preschoolers Ready for Kindergarten, Study Shows

The Minnesota Department of Education's study on kindergarten preparedness reveals that 73 percent of preschoolers had the skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten classrooms in 2012, up from 60 percent the year prior.

12/10/13: Education Achievement Authority Expansion Could Start in January, Flanagan Says

Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan announced on Dec. 10 that more low-performing schools could be added to the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) as early as January 2014.

12/09/13: State Seeks More Pre-K Programs for Pilot

Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White wants new pre-kindergarten programs to participate in a initiative to better prepare preschoolers.

12/11/13: Ga. High School Graduation Rate Increases in 2013

Georgia's four-year public school graduation rate rose four points from 2011 and nearly two points from 2012 to 71.5 percent this year, according to the State Department of Education.